Clearing Out The Clutter

Dated: 06/28/2018

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Just think, you have decided to FINALLY put your home on the market, but you have too much stuff and it is overwhelming. Besides panic, what do you do?  

What you can do is start by organizing 1 room at a time. Make piles of  for keep, donate, trash and sell (if you plan on having a sale)  KEEP the items you WILL for sure use in your next home or that hold sentimental value to you.  DONATE items like old clothing and books.  TRASH those shoes you said you wanted to keep, that have the hole in the toe but are so comfortable.  Finally, the SELL pile. If you are thinking of having a garage/moving sale put those items in a pile or price them right away.

Like any good clean out, the rule of thumb is if you have not used it in a year (ok maybe two for those just starting out) GET RID OF IT.  Once you start this process you will feel like weight has been lifted off your shoulders.  If you are unable to do this your self, contact an area professional.  Remember the ultimate goal here is to clear out your home so you don't have to move them. 

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